Dogs are amazing and wonderful, but we can’t deny that there are times when they do things that are a little… strange. Or that at least these are behaviors that can be strange to human beings. So here are some behaviors that may be strange to us as owners, but are quite common in any dog.

Dogs make a lot of interesting noises, but what does it mean when my dog moans? Well, it depends on the circumstances.

There are several possible causes for a dog to moan. And the truth is that many dogs begin to do so to a greater extent as they age and their joints can begin to cause them pain. If this is the case, you will notice that the moans are accentuated when your dog stands, stretches or lies down.

Dogs may also growl or groan more when they are tired or sleepy. Like children, who sometimes get “silly” when they’re exhausted.

In addition, groans during our dog’s sleep will usually mean that he is dreaming.

In addition, many dogs also moan for pleasure, such as when we scratch their heads or stomachs.


It can be confusing to many of us to see how our dogs seem to go crazy rolling and rolling around in the trash or even in the poop of other animals they find on the floor. But… why the hell do they do it and like it so much? Well, the main reason for this is precisely the dogs’ very keen sense of smell.

Dogs have a tremendously developed sense of smell. This means that they can detect odors within other odors. That is, in the smell of another dog’s stool that we can only catch as a disgusting smell, dogs can catch smells that tell them what the other animal ate, and if for example there are traces in the poop of something that your dog might love. Turning the smell of something so disgusting to us into a most interesting stimulus for our pet.

On the other hand, some experts in animal behavior attribute this behavior to wallowing in things like a vestige of evolution. It would be a behavior typical of when they were hunters, with the fundamental aim of camouflaging their own smell.

While other theorists think that when dogs come across a strong smell they try to mark the area with their scent by instinct. To do this, they roll around in it, trying to make sure that the smell itself adheres to the place, thus marking the territory.


It’s true that dogs can eat very strange things. But we will agree that chewing on rocks or stones is perhaps one of their most particularly disconcerting behaviors.

Although it is a behavior that we can observe in adult dogs, the most common is that this strange behavior occurs among dog puppies. It is normal for puppies, who are also developing their mouths and one of their main avenues of exploration, to chew on stones for many reasons. Whether it’s boredom, frustration, the need to chew on something or to seek the attention of the owner or other dogs.

Caution should be exercised, as a nutritional deficiency may also be the cause of repeated stone chewing. It is obvious that biting and swallowing rocks is not healthy for our dog. So we should try to avoid it and provide our puppy with different alternatives for chewing.

If you suddenly notice that this behavior occurs repeatedly in an adult dog, do not hesitate and go to your vet for a check-up.


Many dog owners have noticed that their dog seemed to stay for a long time looking at nothing or the wall – is it seeing ghosts or something you can’t see? Don’t worry… it’s gonna be no. You probably don’t know it, but vision loss and cognitive dysfunction are very common when our dogs get older.

So the answer is yes: it’s relatively normal for older dogs to look at nothing for no apparent reason. However, if this behavior is accompanied by other symptoms such as disorientation, changes in activity and sleep cycles, it is best not to hesitate to go to the vet so that he can rule out a possible health problem, and if it is only the cognitive dysfunction of the animal’s old age.




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