Is Colorbond Roofing Better Than Concrete Tiles?

In Australia, roof materials usually fall under one of two possibilities: concrete roof covering ceramic tiles; or corrugated metal roof with a bound paint surface (known in Australia as Colorbond, or CB). Which option is best for your circumstance? Both will maintain the climate out, so consider up the factors below before you choose.

A Little Background: The principle of bonding paint to a galvanized base came from Chicago, as well as was further developed in Australia right into an item that has amazing corrosion resistance and is visually interesting: Colorbond ©. It comes in several basic colours and also is immune to the components. Whereas a galvanized corrugated roof may last Twenty Years, a Colorbond roofing system would have a 50 year life or longer.

Terra cotta ceramic tiles are likewise an alternative; they essentially last permanently. Believe historical dig. There are examples of terracotta roofing that have actually been around for 1000s of years. It is about double the rate of a concrete tile roofing.

For our functions, we will compare concrete roofing system ceramic tiles and also Colorbond roof covering, and also will focus on Melbourne conditions. Both products do a praiseworthy work at what they’re developed for (keeping the climate out). Concrete roofing ceramic tiles have been utilized in Melbourne for a minimum of 75 years and also there are lots of residences in older suburbs such as Heidelberg as well as Camberwell that still have their initial concrete floor tile roofs.

Why would certainly you select one item over an additional? It boils down to personal preference, way of life, a couple of various other elements … and also PRICE.

Architectural Benefit: This is a personal issue. Colorbond has a modern fashionable look with tidy lines. However, there are several concrete roofing system tile accounts that provide a various architectural result compared to a typical half-pipe ceramic tile. For a little enhancement in rate, you might (for instance) pick a flat roof shingles design. There are likewise lots of colours in concrete roofing system tiles.

Noise: This is a crucial factor to consider. Insulation and also ceiling regardless of, you will hear moisten a Colorbond roofing system. While we could think about raindrops landeding on a steel roof as a positive audio, it can be disturbing to some people, especially in hefty rainstorms. Tile roof coverings are much quieter.

Water Collection: If you want to accumulate roofing water in a container for home usage, Colorbond is the most effective choice. You will certainly gather much more water because concrete ceramic tiles have a level of absorbency. Additionally they have the tendency to preserve dirt, dirt etc which washes right into the water container. Throughout the current 10 year drought in Melbourne, property owner were urged to accumulate rain water for home use. This affected the need for Colorbond roof.

Weight: Colorbond is a portion of the weight of a concrete floor tile roofing system (10% to be specific!) Your roof covering framing could be much lighter. A Colorbond roof covering is no larger wet than dry. A concrete floor tile roof will absorb water before it escapes, so a wet floor tile roofing system is larger as well as engineering specifications should enable this.

Rodents: It is less complex to earn a Colorbond roofing pest-proof by nature of the method the item is mounted.

Bushfire: Melbourne is a city adversely influenced by summer season bushfires. If you are building in the outlying fire-prone locations, BAL (Bushfire Assault Degree) laws will certainly make it in your interest to choose a Colorbond roof covering, as they are less complicated to seal versus outside ember attack.

Strength: If you need individuals to climb on your roofing system for upkeep factors, Colorbond is extra resistant. If you need to penetrate the roof covering (for instance for a vent or air conditioning) this will certainly be much more expensive with CB.

Eaves or Outdoor patio. If you have comprehensive outdoor patios or eaves, a Colorbond roofing will certainly be better because of its lighter weight. With outdoor patios you want a shallower roof pitch, and also this can only be accomplished by some form of sheet roof covering. Normally roofing ceramic tiles are not recommended on a roof covering pitch of much less than 20 levels. As well as due to the fact that Colorbond is an offspring of old-fashioned corrugated steel, this delivers the traditional Australian veranda look.

Expense: Concrete floor tiles more than 20% cheaper compared to Colorbond, which is why greater than 90% of homes built in Melbourne have a concrete floor tile roof covering. The marketing might have you believe that CB is as affordable as tiles, but this is not the case. Developers in some cases prefer Colorbond. One customer paid to have actually strategies prepared by a developer. When looking for quotes, they were alarmed to see hundreds of bucks added for a Colorbond roof covering, when they really favored a standard ceramic tile roofing system.

Which roofing is best for you? Check out each aspect as it associates with your scenario. Weigh up its level of importance, and afterwards decide which roofing material ideal offers your particular requirements, tastes, lifestyle, and also budget. Click on the link if you want to know more.


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